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Your Morning JumpStart is designed to help you walk into greatness, to help you live to your full potential and to help find more Joy and fulfillment in life.
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Apr 16, 2016

In today's episode, I share 5 thoughts and quotes from Jim Rohn that can change your world - if you take them and live them out. These thoughts and concepts can have a huge impact on your network marketing business - or in any area you want to improve.

We discuss the areas of prospecting, inviting, presenting and recruiting and creating habits surrounding them.

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10 Tips To JumpStart Your Recruiting

Apr 15, 2016

There are a handful of traits that can kill your network marketing business.  In today's episode I ask you to quit!  These seven traits are very common and most people struggle with them, but as with any struggle, you can get through it.

Apr 13, 2016

How do you get back into the game after sitting on the sidelines for too long.  You want to build your network marketing business, you have dreams and goals, but because you've not been active for a while, you're not sure how to start.

This episode will help get you back into action!

Apr 12, 2016

One of the questions I get asked a lot is "Should I lead with the product or should I lead with the network marketing opportunity?"

This episode will help you figure out which is better to lead with, depending on the situation you are in.

Apr 11, 2016

There are a handful of common objections that you hear over and over in Network Marketing.  What do your prospects really mean when they say them to you?  In these cases, it's good to read between the lines to listen what they are really saying to you.

Apr 6, 2016

In this episode you'll learn how to effectively expand your network using "The Doorway Principle."  This is a principle I first learned from Eric Worre that perfectly illustrates the way you need to expand your network each time you bring on a new recruit into your network marketing business.

When you recruit, do more than just be a good recruiter, learn to become an excellent sponsor.

Apr 4, 2016

In Network Marketing you will have to get uncomfortable.  For each of us, that will look differently.  Some have to get uncomfortable when inviting, some will have to get uncomfortable talking with people.  Some will have to learn how to share their hopes and dreams with others.  One thing is certain, if you want to grow your business, you have to be willing to get uncomfortable.

“Get comfortable getting uncomfortable, that’s how you break the plateau.” Chalene Johnson

Apr 3, 2016

How many times have you seen network marketers using hype to try to get people to join their business?  Most isn't as obvious as the title of this podcast, but insinuation and exaggeration can destroy your trust and integrity with people.

This episode is all about recruiting with integrity.

Apr 2, 2016

What are the signs of a good leader?  When you ask that question there is no telling what you will get.  Some want a network marketing leader who will be available 24/7 or one who will at least text you back.

But what will make YOU a great leader?  The four words I share today will help take you to the top!

Apr 1, 2016

You have a message to share that's going to help a very specific audience.  How do you go about getting your story heard on social media?  You are more than a network marketing professional, you are a person who helps people with your products, services and opportunity.

Crafting and telling your story has to be very intentional.  In this episode, you'll get 7 tips that will help you share your message with your perfect prospect.

Apr 1, 2016

Recruiting - it's one of the core skills needed to grow your team and organization.  In this episode you'll receive 3 tips that will help you grow your network marketing business.

For additional tips request "10 Tips To JumpStart Your Recruiting" at

Mar 30, 2016

In this episode you'll discover a trait that could be bringing the wrong people to your business.  Worse than that, it's a trait that disrupts and prevents the biggest blessings from coming to your life.  It's impossible to live a life of Joy when you have this trait.

If you happen to have this trait, this episode will help you move away from it and replace it with two other traits that will serve you well in life.  Not only will this help your network marketing business, this will help your team, your friends and those who are around you the most, your family.

Mar 27, 2016

Have you ever been stuck.  In a rut.  You know the activity that you should be doing but you are paralyzed and simply not taking the action you know you need to take?

In today's episode you will learn 7 Action Hacks that will help you "trick" yourself into activity.

Mar 26, 2016

Have you heard of the get-to-know-you game three truths and a lie?  In this episode you'll hear three truths and one lie that can change your future.  But unlike the game, I tell you which are truths and which are lies.  The three truths are taken from a blog post from Michael Hyatt and are simple reminders, though very powerful ones!

Mar 26, 2016

One of the complaints people often say to me is "My upline ignores my calls" or "My upline doesn't even return my texts."  My friend Ray Higdon responds to this by asking "Well, if they did answer the phone, what would you want them to say?"

How do you handle the situation when your upline ignores you are doesn't call you back?

Today's show will help you understand the mentality behind this concern and will also give you some tips on how to get their attention.  We'll also discuss some leadership questions you need to ask yourself.

Mar 23, 2016

Have you ever wondered if you can really make money in Network Marketing?  In every business there are always some true tell-tale signs of whether or not it will succeed or not.  In episode 17 I share with you the one sign that will indicate whether or not you will succeed in your business.

Mar 22, 2016

You have heard that network marketing is a sorting game, not a selling game.  But as you sort, what are you looking for?  Are you really sorting or are you trying to change and convince?

In today's show you'll learn that each of your prospects fall into one of three categories - which will help you as you prospect, sort, recruit and build your team.

Mar 21, 2016

Do you want to win at this game we call Network Marketing?  Do you want to win by growing your team, selling more product, rank advancing and earning more incentive trips?

From one our company events, I share the notes from Melanie Levitz session on "10 Steps To Winning"  This episode covers steps six through ten.  For steps one through five, be sure to check out episode number 14.

All I do is win, win, win.... and you can too!

Mar 20, 2016

Do you like to win?  If you're like me and you've won some and lost some, you know that winning is a LOT more fun!

In today's podcast we discuss steps 1-5 (out of 10) on how to win. If you want to win in your network marketing business, this episode covers a lot of tips on how to make that possible!

Mar 17, 2016

In Episode 12 you'll learn how to craft posts that are likable.  Let's take an honest look at your profile to discover if you're attracting people or turning them away.  Likes, comments and shares are people's way of raising their hand and letting them know they like your stuff.  ...and Facebook rewards you with more exposure to a larger audience.

Mar 15, 2016

If you struggle with growing your network marketing business, you have to ask yourself if you are as consistent as you know you need to be.  You hear it time and time again that you have to be consistent while growing your business.  But why do so many people struggle with consistency?

Let's tackle being inconsistent and work our way to a consistent daily routine.

Mar 14, 2016

We all love free!  And in this day and age there is so much free network marketing training available to us!  Ray Higdon, Eric Worre, Bob Heilig, Todd Falcone, Matt many great trainers and so little time.

But free is an expensive way to grow your business.  In this episode we discuss ways that this could hurt your business and how investing in yourself and in your business helps increase your chance of finding success.

Mar 14, 2016

If you use Facebook to prospect and find new customers and team members, you want to use this quick tip.  Being authentic and real is so important as you meet and talk with new people (or even your existing friends).  This will help you be seen in a very non-salesy way, helping you set up even more presentations.

Mar 9, 2016

It's a new world of communication!  Cavemen started by drawing pictures on the wall, then paper was created...through the ages communication has always changed and improved.  In 2016, we have text and Facebook Messenger to take advantage of.  If your fear of the phone is preventing you from calling prospects or making it difficult for you to set appointments, why not text?  In today's episode you'll receive some proven texts that will help you set more appointments!

Mar 8, 2016

It may sound like hype?  But if you do this one tweak on a daily basis, your life will be drastically different.... just give it some time.

Is your network marketing business where you want it to be?  This tweak will improve it, guaranteed.

In this podcast, Your Morning JumpStart, you’ll receive tips, skill training, ideas, knowledge, concepts that will help you grow your business.  Plain and simple, I want to help you live to your full potential, grow your business and live a life of Joy.

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